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Episode 26 – Sexual Education & Coaching with Myisha Battle

Right at the heart of SHIP's foundation, sexual education and health for adults is an important topic that needs more discussion and attention. But what about coaching for adults? Our new host, Josh, sits down with Myisha Battle to discuss this very subject and also explore her new book "This Is Supposed To Be Fun" […]

Episode 25 – Getting Involved in Sex Education Activism, Politics, & Discussions

Jaclyn takes time out of her busy schedule to sit down with us and shares her experiences through her own activism and work with her organization EducateUS on how you can get involved in promoting shame free, science based sexual education for all, from your local school board to events happen at the local, state, […]

Episode 15 – Youth Sex Education & Technology

Erica is a parent and a femme queer person who has been doing sexual education in some version for the past 20 years (since they were a teenager). They live in Winnipeg, Canada, where they were born and bred. Erica joins us to discuss sex education for teenagers, their journey through sex education, and how […]

Episode 13 - Exploring Sex & Sexuality for People of Color

Chanel Jaali is a member of the Board of Directors for SHIP and joins Virgin Territory. Topics covered in this episode cover sexual education and training and connections with Jaali's work as a PhD student, which has a focus on black female sexuality in music, but also how black females learn about sex and sexuality. […]

Episode 12 - Why Sex Education Needs a Publicist

Gwen Rosen, Board of Directors member and secretary joins us to discuss the needs and importance of a strong communication strategy when talking about sex ed along with the challenges that conservative groups present when using their own PR strategies. We talk about the topic areas that need a rebranding and reminisce about our formative […]

Episode 7 – Need for Adult Sexual Education with Alicia Gauvin

Executive Director of the CSPH Alicia Gauvin "sits down" with our host, Vima, to discuss the need for adult sexual education and what that really means. The CSPH is more than pleasure. It offers forums, workshops, and seminars so that folx from all demographics can make informed decisions about their sexual health. Visit us at […]
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