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Episode 25 – Getting Involved in Sex Education Activism, Politics, & Discussions

Jaclyn takes time out of her busy schedule to sit down with us and shares her experiences through her own activism and work with her organization EducateUS on how you can get involved in promoting shame free, science based sexual education for all, from your local school board to events happen at the local, state, […]

Episode 24 – Tackling Fatphobia

Michelle sits down with our host, for the first time in person! This episode delves deeply into the history and issues related to fatphobia from how fat actors are represented in media, how access to healthcare may be difficult or even knowledge of medical providers may be inhibited by the lack of hands on training […]

Episode 23 – Cancer & Sex

Vi is an artist, author, and researcher, if that's not enough to get you to listen to this weeks episode let's get a little deeper. Cancer can have a big impact on one's mental health and sexual health and we tackle this subject head on. From Vi's personal experiences and creating a valuable workshop for […]

Episode 22 – Polyamory & Breakups with Sydney Rae Chin

Diversity is often a great way to explore different styles of relationships and how culture influences those decisions. So our conversation with Sydney not only covers sexual education, but how coming out to your family can have deep impacts especially based on cultural influences. Vima and Sydney share about erasure in the diaspora between Southeast […]

Episode 21 – Explaining Polyamory with Jai-La Aponte and Grace Webb

To start Season 2 of Virgin Territory, we sit down with Jai-La Aponte and Grace Webb. The discussion covers topics such as polyamory and their workshop: Poly, Hot, and Have to Explain My Situation a Lot: Non-Monogamy Skills for All Relationships, other work as sex educators, transferable non-monogamous skills for monogamous partners and misconceptions. Special […]
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